China work visa application in Beijing
China Work Visa Application (Residence Permit) in Beijing
If you are officially employed and would like to outsource the China work visa application to a professional, knowledgeable company to do the paper-mountain work, or you want to avoid the visa run outside of China for the Z visa application, Beijing LEEO can help you out with our expertise services.

Below it is the information for the China Residence Permit application. For Residence Permit extension in China (including changing the employer), please click China work visa (Residence Permit) Extension

Hereafter, it is the FAQs about China work visa application.

What's the age limit for China work visa applicants?
It is from 24 years' old to 60 years' old for both male and female foreigners. However, there is some flexibility in these requirements.

Do I need to do the background check/ get criminal record when applying for China work visa?
Yes, you do need. Right after the new Chinese Immigration Law came into effect in July 1, 2013 that the first-time China work visa applicants need to provide the recent no-criminal record certificates in their own country. If the foreigner worked before outside of Beijing, he/she needs to provide the police clearance certificate to renew his/her work visa in Beijing (change the employer). However, to renew the work visa (residence permit) in Beijing, you don't need to provide it.

What documents need I take when applying for a Z visa in Hong Kong or my home country?
Normally speaking, Notification Letter of Work Permit, the company's business license and the company's official letter are enough. But a few Chinese embassies/ consulates do require the applicants' health check reports. You can take one copy of the health check report in case it is required. From March 28, 2017 on, Z visa notification letters are NOT required any longer, which can save 1 week's time.
If you are already in Beijing, China, we can help you get the residence permit for work without you leaving China mainland.

Is China Z visa a multiple-entry visa?
No. It is only a ONE-entry visa, with which you are required to have it changed to a 1-year multiple-entry residence permit within 30 days after entering into China mainland.

Do I need to do the health check to get the China work visa (residence permit)? Where can I do the health check in Beijing?
Yes. To reside in Beijing for more than 6 months (to work, to study, family union, to be a journalist), you need to do the health check in the appointed hospital. In Beijing there is only one hospital that you can do it. Please refer to the following link for more details.

Do I need the Bachelor degree certificate and 2-year work experience to apply for a work visa in Beijing?
Yes. You are required to provide the documents. The Bachelor degree certificates (or above) are subject to notarization and accreditation.

How can I get the registration form of temporary residence as it is reqired to process the China work visa application?
Foreigners are required to register in the local police station within 24 hours of arrival. When you get a new visa or move to a new place, you need to redo it.
If you are staying at a hotel or hostel, the staff there will automatically do it for you. If you ask, they will give you the form. Please make sure they stamp it with the hotel or hostel' seal.
If you are renting an apartment or staying with your friends, you need to go to the local police station yourself. Normally, you are required to take the following documents:
* Apartment rental contract
* Passport
* For the first time registration, you'd better ask your landlord to come with you. Or at least take one copy of the landlord's ID.

My spouse and children want to stay with me while I work in Beijing. How can they apply for the visas?
Marriage certificate and birth certificate(s) are required, which are subject to notarization and accreditation, if they are issued out of China. They can finally get the same-length residence permits for alien employee's family members.

For more questions, please contact us.

Below it is the requirements for the first-time application of China work visa.

A. Documents required to Apply for Residence Permits:

To be prepared by the company
1. 1 copy of the company business license
2. Username and passpord for Service System for Foreigners Working in China
3. Original labor contract (needs to be translated to Chinese if in a different language)
4. Visa/residence permit application form (print on both sides of one page)

5. Application form for China working license (able to download after applying on internet by LEEO, please stamp)
6. Two copies of Letter of Authority - refer to Sample VI
Note: all documents need to be chopped with the company' seal.

To be prepared by the foreigner
1. Resume of the applicant (needs to be translated to Chinese if in a different language)
2. Original Bachelor (or above) degree certificate, subject to notarization and accreditation (needs to be translated to Chinese)
3. 2-year or above work experience reference letter by the company you ever worked for after graduation (translated to Chinese)
4. No-criminal record certificate issued by the authority in the foreigner's own country, subject to notarization and accreditation
5. Original passport
6. 2 Passport photos with white background
7. Health check reports in duplicate (original)
8. A copy of Registration Form of Temporary Residence (and original)

B. Processing Procedure

Done in Beijing by LEEO
Notification Letter of Work Permit Application in Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
Foreigner's Work Permit application in Beijing Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs
China Residence Permit for work application in Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureaue

The diagram is based on the information directly from relevant authorities in Beijing. There may be some changes from time to time. Please be advised the diagram is only for your reference. You can directly contact us for updated information.

C. Documents to be handed over after completion
Foreigner's Work Permit
China Residence Permit for work (stuck on the visa page of your passport)

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