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What is a China Police Certificate?

A China Police Certificate, also known as a Chinese Police Clearance, a China Police Check (无犯罪记录证明), or a no criminal record (NCR) certificate, is an official document issued by the Chinese authorities. This certificate serves as a verification of your criminal record in China, indicating whether you have a criminal history or not. Many countries require this certificate from foreign nationals as part of their visa or immigration application process to ensure the safety and security of their borders. Foreigners may be required to present a China Police Certificate for a variety of purposes in other countries, including immigration, green card, visa application, residence permit, school attendance, employment, marriage and adoption. Anyway, when you need china police certificate, please feel free to contact us via email service@cn-visa.com or WhatsApp or WeChat or phone call +86 13641172117. Unlike most countries, in China, according to the principle of juridiction, a city will only issue a police certificate convering the time you resided in that city (or maybe in that province). As a result, if you have lived in multiple cities and have residence permits issued in different cities, you may need multiple police certificates from different cities. .

What Do You Need a China Police Certificate?
Obtaining a China Police Certificate is often a mandatory requirement when you apply for a visa or residency in another country. It helps the foreign government assess your background and determine your eligibility for entry. The certificate provides crucial information about your criminal history, if any,,, and acts as proof that you have not been involved in any criminal activities during your stay in China.

Present Situation on Obtainning Police Clearance Certificate in China
There is no national issuing authority of China Police Certificate covering the whole China. Applicants should apply for their Police Certificate at the local Entry and Exit Division of Public Security Bureau where foreigners lived in.
Police Certificte only certifies that applicant has no criminal record for the duration in the city where he or she live, not the whole China.
It is rather chaos in providing documents now to get a police clearance certificate for foreigners who had lived in China before. Police authority in some cities need foreigners’ original valid passport, such as Beijing; some cities police authority accept scanned copy of valid passport; some cities police authority only accept notarized and Apostilled valid passport scans; some cities police authority need power of attorney with Apostille stamp.

The Documents You Need to Provide
1) Original Valid passport hard copy (the PSB in some cities need the original valid passport, like Beijing)
2) Previous passport (hard copy or scanned copy)
3) Scanned copies of all the Chinese visas and residence permits and the China entry & exit stamps.
4) A copy of registration form of temporary residence or the detailed residence address in China, it is required in some cities, but not all.

5) A signed power of attorney

The Steps:
1) FILL OUT QUESTIONNAIRE--You fill out questionnaire with specific details in minutes, then send the filled questionnaire to serviec@cn-visa.com Steps
2) RECEIVE & REVIEW DOCUMENTS--After receiving the questionnaire, we will update you the document checklist for application of China Police Certificate accordingly. Upon receiving your documents, we will review them and evaluate your possibility for Police Certificate.
3) DRAW UP CONTRACT--We prepare the contract for you, you sign and send me via email service@cn-visa.com
4) MAKE DOWN PAYMENT--Make down payment which is typically 50% of the total amount. We accept payment with western union, Alipay, Wechat pay and Bank Transfer.
5) START THE APPLICATION--Our expert team starts your application. After we obtain Notarized and Translated China Police Certificate, we will send you scan copy of the police certificate for confirmation.

6) PAY REMAINING BALANCE--Pay the remaining balance, payment via western union, Alipay, Wechat pay and Bank Transfer are acceptable.

7) POST ORIGINAL POLICE CERTIFICATE TO YOU--We post the original Police Clearance Certificate to you.

The processing time and service fee:
Police Clearance from Beijing
Normal Service: 2 weeks---RMB2500

Express Service: 1 week---RMB3000

Police Clearance from other cities:
Normal Service: 3-4 weeks

Express Service: 2-3 weeks

The service fee varies from city, you will be quoted after knowing from which city your police clearance should be obtained.

Relevant information you need to let me know before starting the application
1) Which China city (cities) did you ever stay? For how long? What kind of visas did you have, residence permits for work or residence permit for study?
2) Which country will this police clearance be used for? (Immigration, study, employment, residence permission and etc.)
3) What period of stay in China should the police clearance cover?
4) Which foreign language should be translated into?
5) How many copies do you need?
6) Do you need the police clearance to be Apostilled or consulate Legalization?

Please Note:
Unlike most countries, in China, a city will only issue a police certificate covering the time you resided in that city (or maybe in that province). As a result, if you have lived in multiple locations, you may need multiple police certificates.
Requirements for issuance of a police certificate vary from city to city. A list of the requirements may not even be published, especially in smaller cities. Some cities will issue police certificates to cover only periods that you:
1) have the passport you used during the period you lived in the city;
2) held residence permits (居留许可) issued in that city issued by the local public security bureau’s exit-entry administration. Such cities will not issue police certificates to cover periods you held short-term visas such as L (tourist), F (visitor), M (business), Q2 (visiting relatives), or X2 (short-term study); and/or
3) have temporary residence registration forms (TRRFs) evidencing completion of the temporary residence registration (临时住宿登记) process in that city.
If you did complete the process but have lost your TRRFs, we can request copies from the public security bureau.
Procedures to apply for a police certificate also vary from city to city. Most commonly, to apply, the applicant or another person with a power of attorney (委托书) signed by the applicant must first visit the local public security bureau to apply for a police letter. Then, that police letter must be brought to a local notary office to apply for issuance of a notarial police certificate. The notary can issue the police certificate with a translation to English or another language, if required,

Our Service covers but not limited the following cities.
Anhui (安徽): Hefei (合肥)
Beijing (北京)
Chongqing (重庆)
Fujian (福建): Fuzhou (福州), Quanzhou (泉州), Xiamen (厦门)
Gansu (甘肃): Lanzhou (兰州)
Guangdong (广东): Guangzhou (广州), Shenzhen (深圳), Shantou (汕头), Dongguan (东莞), Foshan (佛山), Zhuhai (珠海), Huizhou (惠州), Zhongshan (中山)
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Zone (广西壮族自治区): Nanning (南宁)
Guizhou (贵州): Guiyang (贵阳)
Hainan (海南): Haikou (海口)
Hebei (河北): Shijiazhuang (石家庄)
Heilongjiang (黑龙江): Harbin (哈尔滨)
Henan (河南): Zhengzhou (郑州)
Hubei (湖北): Wuhan (武汉)
Hunan (湖南): Changsha (长沙)
Jiangsu (江苏): Changzhou (常州), Nanjing (南京), Nantong (南通), Suzhou (苏州), Wuxi (无锡), Xuzhou (徐州)
Jiangxi (江西): Nanchang (南昌)
Jilin (吉林): Changchun (长春)
Liaoning (辽宁): Shenyang (沈阳), Dalian (大连)
Shaanxi (陕西): Xi’an (西安)
Shandong (山东): Jinan (济南), Qingdao (青岛), Yantai (烟台)
Shanghai (上海)
Shanxi (山西): Taiyuan (太原)
Sichuan (四川): Chengdu (成都)
Tianjin (天津)
Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Zone (新疆维吾尔族自治区): Urumqi (乌鲁木齐)
Yunnan (云南): Kunming (昆明)
Zhejiang (浙江): Hangzhou (杭州), Jiaxing (嘉兴), Jinhua (金华), Wenzhou (温州), Ningbo (宁波), Shaoxing (绍兴), Taizhou (台州)

Questionnaire for China police clearance application

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