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Diploma/Degree Certificate Authentication Service

From 1st April 2017, when you apply for the Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit, you are required to provide your original degree (bachelor, master or PhD), if your degree certificate was not issued in China, degree authentication is required. You can have your degree certificate authenticated either in your home country or in mainland China.

1) Degree authentication in your home country.
It should first be authenticated in the Consular department of your country’s ministry of foreign affairs, then turn to the Consular department of Chinese embassy or consulate in your country.
2) Degree authentication in China by China Ministry of Education.
If you have already been in China and don’t want to send your original degree certificate back to your home country to get it authenticated, then you can think about our services.

The benefit of degree authication in China.
1) You don't need to send your original degree certificate back to your home country for authentication, so as to reduce the risk of losing degree certificate and avoid to let your family help you to handle this headache thing.

2) Our service covers whole China, no matter wherever you are.
3) One-stop service. You only need to provide me the necessary document, I do everything for you, and you will receive the report of verification, which can be used directly for your Notification Letter of Foreigner’s Work Permit or Foreigner’s Work Permit application in any city of China.
4) After the legalization (or authentication) is finished, we can deliver the report of verification it to you.
5) For some reason, a few foreign diplomas don’t have the word of bachelor or master on it, but it's equivalent of Bachelor or Master in their foreign country's education system. When you do those kind of diploma legalization (or authentication) with China MOE, MOE will evaluate it and put comments for that. It will save a lot of time for you to explain that again during your work permit application.
6) The report of authentication has permanent validity, done once and you can use it in China forever.

Paperwork list:
1) Original Passport

2) Original Diploma

3) Original transcript (as a supplement, if you don't have it, please ignore it)

4) Some questions need you answer
5) One declaration signed by applicant
6) One digital picture (size: 3.5cm*4.5cm)

Notice1: If you study abroad and get your diploma abroad (for example, Japanese studied in UK and got a UK diploma), then you need to provide extra UK student visa copy as a proof.

Notice2: If you get your diploma from a school which is not licensed by your country's Ministry of Education, the legalization (or authentication) will be failed for sure, so please don't try with a fake diploma or a diploma which comes from a no-license school. If the legalization (or authentication) is rejected by this reason, we will only re-fund you government legalization (or authentication) fee. We will not re-fund you the service fee and the government translation fee.

Normal Service takes: 25-30 Working Days
Express Service takes: N/A

Service Cost: 2500RMB







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