Police clearance service
China Police Clearance (No Criminal Record) Service

What is Police Clearance Certificate?
Police Clearance Certificate is also known as Non-Criminal Record Certificate, or Certificate of No Criminal Conviction. This certificate may be required for your immigration, green card, study, and employment and residence permission in other countries. Anyway, when you need this certificate, please feel free to contact us.

Why choose cn-visa.com?
1) Many years' experience in this field.
2) You don't need to come to China in person to get it.
3) Our service covers Beijing and other big cities.
4) Delivery to you by DHL/TNT/FedEx (extra cost)

The documents you need to provide:
1) A copy of your current passport
2) A copy of your previous passport (if it contained previous China visas)
3) Clearly-scanned copies of all the Chinese visas and all the China entry & exit stamps
4) A copy of registration form of temporary residence or the detailed residence address in China
5) A copy of the Alien Employment Permit or Foreign Expert Certificate if you work; A copy of your graduation certificate or finishing study certificate if you study in China
6) Other documents may be required by the authority
*Note: According to our years' experience, only residenc permits (for work or for study) are accepted when applying for China police clearance certificates. Other types of visas, such as L tourist visas, previous F business visas are NOT accepted at all.
Note: In Beijing from Oct. 1, 2019 on, the police clearance record before the year of 2000 can NOT be obtained after the police database system was updated. Thus we can only get you a report covering from Jan. 1, 2000 till right now. At the moment, in other cities it remains unchanged as usual.

How to get it?
1) You send the above documents (scanned copy) by email to service@cn-visa.com and make the
50% payment of the total amount in advance
2) We start the application immediately
3) After it is ready, we will send you the scanned copy of the final notarized China police clearance certificate both in English and in Chinese
4) Please make the rest 50% payment

3) After we get the payment, we will mail it to you by DHL, TNT or Fedex (please provide your information about phone number, Postal/Zip code, Address, City/state, and Country)

The processing time:
In Beijing
Normal Service: 20 working days
Express Service: 10 working days
In other cities
Normal Service: 15-20 working days; No express service available
The notarized non-criminal record certificate is in both Chinese and English.

Please let me know the following information before starting the application:
1) Which China city (cities) did you ever stay?What kind of visas did you have, residenc permits for work or residence permit for study?
2) Which country will this police clearance be used in? And for what purpose? (Immigration, study, employment, residence permission and etc.)
3) What period of stay in China should the police clearance cover?
4) Which foreign language is required? We use English as the default foreign language.
5) How many duplicate copies do you need?
6) Do you need the police clearance to be dual authenticated by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C. and your country's embassy in Beijing?
* Note: Our standard service include the notarization part. But don't include the dual authentication by both the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of P.R.C. and your country's embassy in Beijing, as most of the customers don't need the dual authentication.


General Knowledge of Notarization and Accreditation

If you need to do marriage certificate, degree certificate or birth certificate notarization in Beijing, please feel free to contact us.




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