China Z work visa information
China Z visa

China Work Visa (also called "Z " visa or residence permit now) is issued to foreigners who will work in China for more than 6 months, and to their accompanying family members, i.e., their spouses, parents and children who are under 18 years old.
Any person suffering from mental disorder, leprosy, AIDS, venereal diseases, contagious tuberculosis or other such infectious diseases shall not be permitted to enter China.

To obtain a work visa from overseas Chinese consulates or visa office in Hong Kong, you are required to provide two basic documents: an Alien Employment License or a Foreign Expert Confirmation Notice, and a Z visa Notification letter (also called invitation letter). Your Chinese employer is responsible for obtaining the two documents from the local governments. Some Chinese consulates accept faxed copies of the two documents, but it is advisable to check with Chinese consulates to see whether they only accept the originals. In addition to the two documents, a medical examination report could also be required in certain countries.

It is possible for foreigners who have entered into China with a tourist (L) or a business (F) visa to apply for a work visa (Z) in China. Chief Representatives, general managers and vice general managers with their names on their employer's business licenses are allowed to change their L or F visas into Z visas in China. Implementation on visa conversion may vary slightly in different cities/provinces in China and from time to time. Please check with your local Immigration Department of Public Security Bureau for the relevant rules and regulations on visa conversion.

A work visa issued by overseas Chinese consulates normally is single entry and valid for 30 days after entry. A residence permit is required to apply for within 30 days after entry.

Note: The foreigner who does not apply for the residence permit within 30 days after entry will be fined 500 RMB per overstay day and the maximum fine is 10,000 RMB.

To apply for a China work visa, please check Residence Permit.


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